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love in

Love in Ranthambhore at Buth Khor

In October 2011, when I contacted the Patrick, Manager of the Tiger Den Resort in Ranthambhore where we usually stay, I was informed that T19 had given birth to three cubs in July 2011. On hearing the good news, I planned to visit RNP in early December. My main objective[…]

tiger chase

Tiger Chase

I visited RNP together with my Lilani, Indu and Sanwada in April 2011. It was a memorable trip. The trip was planned from the 10th April to 18th with five nights at RNP, covering safari drives. We had also made reservations for three nights at Sariska Tiger Reserve (STR) with[…]

tigers enjoy christmas

Tigers Celebrate Christmas

Christmas is one of the most celebrated events all across the world where turkey is a traditional treat at Christmas dinner. I was lucky to witness, how the Tigers at RNP enjoy Christmas with spotted deer, during my five day tour to the RNP from 8th December 2010, together with[…]

tigers enjoy avrudu

Tigers Enjoy Avurudu (New Year)

In April 2010, after almost three decades Sri Lankans enjoyed the traditional Sinhala and Tamil New Year Festival (Avurudu), free from Tamil Tiger terrorism. I was at RNP again during the “Avurudu” holidays from the 10th to 15th April with Lilani, and my nephew Indu and his wife Sanwada. We[…]

tigers are doing fine

Tigers are Doing Fine

Although in April 2009, the ruthless terrorist organization calling themselves the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) were cornered by Sri Lankan security forces and were fighting their last battle, the feline variety at Ranthambhore National Park (RNP) in India were doing fine. I was pleased to note this during[…]

tiger behind the bush

Tiger Behind The Bush

I did two trips to RNP in 2008, in March and December. The Tiger is territorial. They mark their territory by spraying urine on trees and sometimes by scratching trees and scraping the ground around the boundary. The Tiger’s favorite prey at Ranthambhore are samber, spotted deer and wild boar.[…]

november visit india

November Visit

My visit to Ranthambhore in November 2007 was planned for five nights, mainly to see the cubs of Machali’s fourth litter. Lilani and her cousin Chandrika together with her husband Dulip joined me on this tour. They were with me on my first African Safari in 1998. They stayed only[…]

ranthambhores tigress regning bright

Ranthambhore’s Tigress Reigning Bright

I planned my Indian Safari for 2007 to see the Latest Machali family in the month of April. This occasion Anil, Lilani’s younger brother, joined me on the tour to RNP. We stayed five nights from 19th April at the Tiger Den Resort to cover 10 safari drives to RNP.[…]

new arrivals

New Arrivals

One morning in November the same year, in Colombo, I received a call from the lodge manager of the Tiger Den Resort, Patrick, with good news of Machali. I was thrilled and happy when I heard that Machali was active again and had delivered her fourth litter of three cubs.[…]

machalis 3rd

Machali’s Third Litter

During the month of April in 2006, I together with Lilani, once again visited RNP for a trip that covered ten game drives, while we stayed five nights at the Tiger Den Resort. The resort location is very close to RNP and it takes only a few minutes to reach[…]