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Sri Lankan to South Pole ‘HELL or HEAVEN’

On the 28th July 2011, I reached the North Geographic Pole of the Planet Earth, in a Russian Ice breaker, departed from the Murmansk seaport in Russia covering a distance of 3194miles. I raised the Sri Lankan Flag at the North Pole. I was made to understand that going to[…]


Battle of Brooks falls

Katmai National Park (KNP) in Alaska is world famous for its Brown Bear, which has a population of over 2000 within its boundaries. In July millions of salmon, largely the Sockeye salmon, move from the sea, their usual habitat, into lakes and streams of the KNP when they are ready[…]

Susa Family at Volcanoes National Park

Susa Family at Volcanoes National Park

The number in the world is less than 900 that live at high altitude of 2500 meters to 4000 in Uganda, Congo and Rwanda, while Rwanda has at least over 30 percent of it, living in the Volcanoes National Park. It was in early February 2013, I planned to visit[…]

Snowy Owl and Puffins Of Alaska

Snowy Owl and Puffins Of Alaska

On July, 27th we landed in the Americas’ Northernmost city, Barrow, “Top of the World,” which is located in the Arctic Circle, from Anchorage in search of the Snowy Owl, which I was very keen to see and photograph. It usually nests in the Artic tundra of the northernmost stretches,[…]



The wildlife photographic tour of the US was planned from July 8. My wife Lilani and I spent four nights at the Moss Landing in California,where we had the opportunity of seeing a few of the sea birds common to coastal belt of the west of th US together with[…]


African Safari 2013 – Brown Hyaenas’ at the Madikwe Game Reserve

Madikwe Game Reserve (MGR) located in the far north and north- west of South Africa, bordering Botswana, with an area of approximately 75,000 hectares, is famous for its wild dogs. According to information available, the month of June gives one chances of seeing the dogs with their puppies.Hence, my visit[…]


Madagascar the Land of Opportunities

After a four day, unforgettable experience of wild life at the Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa, I landed in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar, on 24th June, situated in the center of the island at an altitude of 1337m. I stayed five nights in the Island, which is world[…]


Indian Safari 2013 – Night Girl of Ranthambhore – Part I

Ranthambhore National Park (RNP) in the state of Rajasthan in India is famous for its wild tigers; the largest living big cat in the animal planet. Wildlifeenthusiasts and photographers from all over the world visit the Park especially during the dry season from January to June, when tigers can be[…]

Serengeti National Park

African Safari 2013 – Tree-top Lions at Serengeti

After an unforgettable, exciting stay of five nights of my African Safari 2013in Ndutu, bordering southern part Serengeti plains, we arrived at the Naabi Hill gate of the South- eastern entrance to Serengeti National Park (SNP) at 1Oam on February 8.This was my third visit to the 5700 sq miles[…]