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Flying Giant of America

I visited Costa Rica in July 2014 together with my wife for bird photography. I had an expectation of sighting the largest and most powerful eagle on the animal planet, the mighty Harpy Eagle (HAE). It is also known as “Haribon” which means King of Birds, so called because it[…]


“Land of Birds” Costa Rica

Since my visit to Galapagos in 2011 in Central America, I have been planning to visit Costa Rica to photograph some of the rare birds that are endemic to that region.   It was during the month of July 2014, when I visited Toronto, Canada to join our batch get[…]

battle usa

Battle at the Brooks Falls

Katmai National Park (KNP) in Alaska is world famous for its Brown Bear, which has a population of over 2000 within its boundaries. In July millions of salmon, largely the sockeye salmon move from the sea, their usual habitat, into lakes and streams of the KNP, the last journey, when[…]

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park (YENP) in the state of Wyoming, USA, is one of the wild parks listed in my safari diary for the year 2013, which I have not visited before. Hence, my visit to this park in last July was to explore its fauna and flora including the Bison,[…]


Snowy Owl and Puffins of Alaska

After a five memorable nights at the Yellowstone National Park, Lilani and I arrived in Anchorage in the state of Alaska on the 24th July to continue my wild life and bird photography in the USA. On the 27th July we landed in the Americas’ Northernmost city, Barrow, “Top of[…]


Discover Alaska Part 11 – ORCAS! ORCAS! ORCAS!

We had stayed four nights in the Alaskan waters from the start of our Discover Alaska and had covered almost 300 km without seeing a single Orca, not even a glimpse of its dorsal fin. I was still hopeful that on the fifth day of our cruise we would have[…]

Discover Alaska – Eagles on Ice

Alaska in the USA was one of the destinations in my safari itinerary list and a place I had not visited until June 2011. This land was originally owned by Russia and sold to the USA in the year 1867 for US $ 7.2 Million. My interest was to discover[…]