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Indian Safari 2012 – Part 11 – Future Generation of Ranthambore


Having had a very successful Safari tour of four nights; memories and the images of the Last Asiatic Lions taken at the Gir Forest in the State of Gujarat, we left on the17th March 2012 to continue our Indian Safari at Ranthambore National Park (RNP) in the State of Rajasthan. I have been regularly visiting the RNP for the last Ten Years for its tigers, especially for the Machli, T16, icon of the RNP, 15 years old and now for her forth litter, three daughters, T17, T18 and T19, four years old. T18 moved to Sariska National park in 2009.

We arrived at the Tiger Den Resort in Ranthambore in the afternoon of the 18th March, the closest best accommodation to the Park entrance; I have used in my previous trips. On this visit, we stayed for eight nights that covered 16 Safari Trips. It was my longest stay at Ranthambore. The main reason for the longer stay was to try our luck to track the T19 and her 1st litter-the 3cubs who are now one year old, two of which are males. During my last two visits to the park in the last year, April and December 2011, we were unable to sight them, although in one instance, in December, we just missed them crossing the road leading to Lahpur valley in RNP which is out of the tourist visiting area.

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