BAM Safari

Kruger National Park


On the 23rd of October 2006, I together with Lilani and our friends, Chula, Yamuna, Mahilal and Ramani boarded a domestic flight from Johannesburg to Nelspruit airport, which was close to KNP. At the airport we rented a Mercedes Van for 5 days.
The Satara camp inside the KNP was our destination for the night. The area around Satara is well known for Lions while the odds of spotting other predators such as Cheetah and Leopard is also reasonably good. Lilani and I has been to Kruger before but it was the first visit to the wild in South Africa for our friends. During our two nights stay at Satara we saw a pride of Lions. In spite of my best efforts to show my friends a Cheetah in the savannahs, we had no success.

For the third night, we checked in at Berg-En-Dal camp located in the south of the park. Lilani had to rest since she was not well. On the following day during our morning safari we saw a few White Rhinos, but at a distance. No off road driving is permitted at KNP. Later, we dropped Mahilal and Ramini at Nelspruit airport where they took a flight to Cape Town while the rest of us drove to Londolozi Game Reserve (LGR) located, north of Paul Kruger Gate, for the night.

LGR has made a name for itself for its Leopards. Many filmmakers on Leopards use this Reserve for their content. My interest to visit there was ignited by a video I had seen on Leopards filmed at Londolozi. We stayed at the Founders Camp; the standards at the camp were of 6 star levels. The park was well maintained. The Park Management ensured that the water holes were full, even in the dry season. This helps visitors to spot wild life more frequently than at KNP. During our 24 hour stay at Londolozi, we had two game drives in open air four wheel drive vehicles. We sighted some Leopards on both occasions and in one instance, an Impala ambushed by a Leopard fell into the hands of a pack of Spotted Hyenas, who finished the prey within a few minutes. We also saw a few lions as well as a White Rhino at close quarters.

On the morning of 27th October, we left for Nelspruit airport where we returned the rental van and boarded a flight to Cape Town to join Mahilal and Ramini. We spent three days in Cape Town. Subsequently, we drove from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth on the famed wine route, popular among tourists as Route 62. We spent a night at a point midway through the journey and another night in Port Elizabeth, before returning to Colombo via Johannesburg in the first week of November.

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