BAM Safari

World Leopard Park


During my visit to YNP from the 1st to 3rd of June 2011, I covered three morning and three afternoon visits to the park, where I experienced a record sighting of 15 leopards. 5 of them were cubs under one year, 2 at Rukwila rock, two on the Akasha Chaitya road with the mother, one on the Gonalebbe Meda Para road with the mother near Karuwala culvert. I was able to capture good pictures of 4 Adults (1 male, 3 females) and 5 cubs during this visit to the park. There was a noticeable decrease of visitors to YNP during this period, which was good for wildlife enthusiasts, serious photographers as well as the animals that were able to move freely without disturbance from visitors.
During this visit to YNP, I heard that there was a raid by the park authorities, when a few police officers attached to the Tissamaharama Police Station who were on duty at a check point at Sithulpahuwa, on the West border of the park, were engaged in selling game meat of a deer. It is very likely that they would have killed the deer which is illegal. I also learnt that this was not the first time that police officers were caught with game meat. I congratulated the park authorities for their brave, positive action. I believe these police posts should be removed and the responsibility of providing security in and around the national parks should be entrusted to the Wild Life Department. The Army had already removed most of their camps from Block 1 of YNP by this time.

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